JUNOS Software Naming Convention in Juniper

Junos OS ( formally Juniper Network Operating System) is the FreeBSD-based operating system used in Juniper Networks hardware routers.

There are different JunOS releases for different Juniper products. There are different series of Juniper products, like EX Series, J Series, SRX Series, T Series and so on. Regular updates of JunOS operating system is very important for better functioning of the device. In each releases, new features are added, bugs are fixed and unnecessary function are removed.

Before downloading and installing the latest stable version of JunOS, it’s always better to know the JUNOS software naming convention and recommended version of Junos in Juniper.

An upgrade software package name for an SRX Series device is in the following format:


Junos OS installation packages have the following general pattern:


For enhanced automation variants of Junos OS, the installation package looks like this:


The signed part of the filename indicates that the software is delivered in signed packages that contain digital signatures, Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1), and Message Digest 5 (MD5) checksums.

  • package-name—Name of the package; for example, junos-srxsme.
  • m.n—Junos OS release, with m representing the major release number and n representing the minor release number; for example, 10.0.
  • Z—Type of Junos OS release; for example, R indicates released software, and B indicates beta-level software.
  • x.y—Junos OS build number and spin number; for example, 1.8.
  • distribution—Area for which the Junos OS package is provided. It is domestic for the United States and Canada, and it is export for worldwide distribution.

The software release number 15.2R1.13, for example, maps to this format as follows:

  • m is the main release number of the product, for example, 15.

  • n is the minor release number of the product, for example, 2.

  • Z is the type of software release, for example, R for FRS or maintenance release.

    For types of software releases, see Table 2.

  • b is the build number of the product, for example, 1, indicating the FRS rather than a maintenance release..

  • s is the spin number of the product, for example, 13.

The following package name is an example of an SRX Series device upgrade Junos OS package: junos-srxentedge-15.1X49-D30.3-domestic.tgz


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