How to see list the partition tables in Ubuntu

The partition table in OS, that contains the information about all your logical disks or partitions, resides in the 0 sector of your hard disk. Your device is listed in the partitions table as /dev/sda, /dev/sdb and so on. The sd* device refers to SCSI or SATA disks on your system.

The command to see the list of partition table are :

$ sudo fdisk -l

This is what the various column indicate:

Device-Name of the device/logical partition

Boot-The * sign in this column indicated that the respective partition contains the bootloader information that is used to boot your system

Start-The starting sector allotted to this partition.

End-The ending sector allotted to this partition.

Sectors-The number of sectors allocated for this partitions.

Size-The size of the partition.

ID-An ID used by the system for this partitions

Type-The file type or system used by this partition.

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